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Bea Miller crafts brutally honest pop-rock songs that pack the raw punch of a live rock show. Miller’s first offering since her 2020 EP elated!, “lonely bitch” is the song she has been striving to make for a decade. Fueled by guitar, drums and an epiphany, Miller sings, “I hate that I don’t hate when you’re around / ‘Cause I’m a lonely bitch / You made me glitch, so what am I now?” The infectious single is the culmination of a composed rebellion, a brave coming-of-age, from starting her career at age 13 to fighting to find her voice at 23. “It’s really important that when my fans hear my music, and if they relate to it, that they're actually relating to me as a person and not a persona,” she says. And coming into her own couldn’t be rushed. Growing up in Maplewood, New Jersey, Miller’s mother—a former vinyl DJ—exposed her to thousands of records, but attending a Paramore concert at 12 years old took it to another level: “Watching Hayley Williams, it felt transcendent. I was just like, I wanna be able to do this. I wanna be able to connect with people the way that they do.” After going independent in early 2022, Miller recommitted to that goal, developing bonds with producer Colin Brittain and co-writer Cara Salimando, and “lonely bitch” jumpstarts her most emotional, purest era yet. “I can be the person that I am and the artist that I always saw myself becoming, and I feel excited again,” Miller says. “Honestly, it's not even that I'm hoping my fans can see that — they will.”



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