drewbyrd hails from the Bay Area, but has been making his name in the Los Angeles music scenes for over 10 years. He is an artist, producer, and tastemaker who has worked with a variety of globally renowned artists.

drew began his career as one of Dom Kennedy’s go to producers working with him on songs across four different projects. He produced two songs on Nipsey Hussle’s 2015 album Mailbox Money including “Status Symbol (feat Buddy)” and “Count Up that Loot.”

drew further established himself as a producer and songwriter with his contributions to Mac Miller’s “Here We Go” and “Break The Law” totaling over 50m+ streams across platforms.

Now drew is ready to take his project to the next stage as he gears up for a series of solo releases over the next twelve (12) months. drew’s sound is a cornucopia of his

personal experiences; dance, hip hop, four-on-the-floor, samples, drums, breaks, bass, and more dance.

The tracks will be accompanied by videos and events that will showcase the world drew comes from, the people he has come up with, and the world drew, the artist, has been building for the last 10 years.

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